ABM Inventory can generate useful reports so that you can have your analytics at hand. The system can create the following reports:

  1. Network performance indicators. With this report, you can track the main indicators (average stock at cost price, average excess inventory at cost price, sales at sale price, lost sales etc) for the last week.
  2. Suppliers. This report helps to analyze supplier reliability, turnover and sales levels, as well as to review the share of goods supplied by this contractor within total company procurement volumes etc.
  3. SKU analysis. Using this report, you can track and monitor data on average levels of excess inventory, lost sales, turnover rate for each SKU for the past week and compared to the previous weeks.
  4. FRESH. The report helps you to monitor products which are likely to expire, calculate delivery hauls for these goods, analyze the leftovers and keep track of FRESH-managed goods. You can filter this data for each procurement manager, supplier and warehouse.
  5. ABC(D) report helps to structure your assortment, prioritize and classify your product categories and SKUs according to their consumption value (the profitability of these goods for the company, level of margin and sales), identify low-turnover and slow-moving goods and take them out of the assortment, as well as to analyze sales stability levels and demand fluctuations for each category of goods and divide them accordingly.
  6. Orders. This report helps to control the (re)ordering procedure, analyze the pain points and control the performance of procurement managers who work with orders.

The reports function is available for all our clients. In case you need to create a new custom report, your account manager will transfer your request to the relevant team who will consider the possibility of its implementing.