Video cases

Video cases

ABM Cloud's clients range from fast-growing startups to well-established market leaders; Each has its own specification and its own list of tasks, goals, and issues, but their success is the common denominator.

Video cases

Learn how to apply the best experience in your company and achieve maximum results!

Retail chain "LotOk"

Retail chain "LotOk". Transition to a centralized inventory management system.

Trading Network «EVRIKA»

Trading Network «EVRIKA». About the efficient management of store inventory.

Trading Network "Barvinok"

Financial Director of the Trading Network "Barvinok" tells about the efficient management of store inventory.

Trading Network "NOVUS"

Head of the Department of Business Analysis Marat Torianik reports on the efficient management of inventory in the Trading Network "NOVUS".

Retail chain “iStudio”

Inventory management automation of Monobrand retail chain “iStudio”. Results and benefits.

Retail Summit 2015 Poland & CEE.

On innovation and development of the product ordering system and automation of the inventory management system using a cloud solution.

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