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The business solution of ABM inventory allows you to maximize the return on the invested resources of the company. The main purpose of the system is to increase the profitability of your company without significant investment. The system allows you to:
• Ensure a high level of availability.
• Reduce lost sales.
• Reduce stock surplus.

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System algorithms are based on the innovative methodology of the Theory of Constraints. Unlike other systems, ABM Inventory manages inventory on the basis of actual consumption of the product, rather than the forecast: when demand decreases the inventory level also decreases, and vice versa. Dynamic changes in the inventory level depending on the current demand allow providing a high level of product availability with minimal inventory in the system.

Daily, in the automatic mode for each SKU, the system determines the stock norms, continuously analyzes actual sales and replenishes the inventory according to demand fluctuations.


  • Automating the order process (autoorder). Depending on consumption, delivery frequency, shelf life and supply reliability, the system automatically applies certain replenishment rules.
  • Management of orders and deliveries. Formation of orders to suppliers, automatic dispatch, order tracking from its formation to receipt.
  • Management of sales promotions, seasonal deals, and peak demand.
  • Analysis and assessment of the reliability of supplies and suppliers.
  • Management and optimization of the product range according to its turnover, sales, and margin.
  • Control over inventory dynamics, sales, turnover, lost sales, profits, ROI, etc. Operational reports (daily), management reports (weekly) and strategic reports (monthly). Learn more ->


ABM Cloud consultants take an active part in the optimization of client processes related to inventory and product range. There are ongoing meetings and discussions with key project participants, within which we analyse the results achieved, adjust the processes and actions of users, and tracked the dynamics of inventory. 

The client's team is provided with training:

  • Seminar-training "Methodology of the Theory of Constraints and the TOC Solution for the Supply Chain".
  • Training of users to work in the system of the ABM Inventory. Clients are provided with detailed methodological materials and instructions on how to work with the system.


Our clients are successful dynamic companies, for which modern technology is an investment in sustainable long-term business development.

Successful retailers and distributors of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other CIS and European countries have already chosen ABM Inventory. Learn more ->

More than 1,500 outlet points are connected to the system, more than 9,000 suppliers receive orders automatically generated using ABM Inventory.

The significant project experience, the replicable solution, and the formed implementation team allow to clearly record the phases and timing of implementation, minimize risks, fix costs, and ensure that the system launches successfully. 


Quality client support and maintenance is one of the major benefits of ABM Cloud. The launch of the system does not mean the end of our cooperation. We constantly develop and improve the system. We provide methodological support in the project implementation, as well as after its completion. 

Our consultants and technical support team provide prompt assistance to clients. Our experts provide professional support on: work in the program, introduction of new versions and blocks, adaptation of the already installed components, and changes in business processes of the client. Consultations and work are conducted offline and online.

The Helpdesk Case Manager is open for all requests and allows you to stay connected to technicians at all times. Modern technology allows you to remotely resolve issues as they arise, if this is not enough, ABM Cloud experts can visit the client's office.

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Results and Effects

As a result of using the inventory management program, the company achieves the following results:


The high level of availability. The system ensures permanent availability of products in the right quantity at the right place and time. This is achieved by automatical maintaining of the inventory at the set level.

The high level of availability.

Reduction in the level of surplus by 35-60%. Reduction of inventory and release of funds preserved in surplus. Reduction of the need for borrowed funds.

Reduction in the level of surplus by 35-60%
Improvement of suppliers' reliability.

Improvement of suppliers' reliability. Statistics are accumulated and suppliers' reliability reports are generated, which show who and how often delivered the products late and in the wrong amount. This allows you to work only with the most efficient suppliers.

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three simple ways to improve in inventory management;

Video lessons

Short tutorials can help you learn the basic features of your system easily. You get knowledge online and can concentrate solely on the issue of your interest. The material is efficiently structured for a better understanding, all information is visualised as much as possible.


Training Webinars

Live online webinars are conducted by certified trainers who know exactly how to provide the information that is the most useful for both newbies and experienced specialists. If you are interested in quick system review or you want more advanced training – the range of webinar topics is extensive and offers you the knowledge in the field of supply chain management.


Personalized Presentation

Our business consultants will show you the software product, demonstrate the system's capabilities on your company's example, and consider the economic impact of optimization. You can get an individual consultation completely free of charge.