Inventory Control Software for Retail

ABM Inventory is a solution aimed to solve the main pain points of the retailers:

  • to reduce surpluses
  • to eliminate lost sales
  • to improve the turnover

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Calculation of the Stock Balance
Calculation of the Stock Balance

ABM Inventory analyzes sales at each retail outlet and forms the necessary stock buffer for each SKU at each point of storage

Automated Orders
Automated Orders

The system creates the order automatically for purchases to the warehouse/shops and organizes movements within its supply chain according to the schedule agreed with the suppliers

Product Assortment Control
Product Assortment Control

We have created a separate algorithm for each category of products having in mind the specificity of sales and seasonal fluctuations in demand

Sales Promotions
Sales Promotions

Introduction of sales promotions/seasonal deals: planning spikes in demand, sales promotions, preservation of sales promotions history.

Delayed Orders Monitoring
Delayed Orders Monitoring

Monitoring delayed orders always helps to get a clear picture of cooperation with a certain supplier. It helps business to cooperate only with those who keep their words.

Analytics that Brings Results
Analytics that Brings Results

Profound and at the same time intuitive it helps to see the clear picture: from general reports with chain indicators for top management to the detailed analytics about SKUs and suppliers for those involved into the procurement process.

Benefits of Using ABM Inventory

Our experts know how to provide you with what you need on time

✓ Retail Industry Expertise

Thanks to our customers, we are always up-to-date in retailing. We cover all the functional areas that require automation

✓ Inventory Management Transparency

All tools of the АВМ Inventory system are polished to obtain a clear picture of stocks: what, where and how many. 24/7. Available from any mobile device.

✓ Strategic Focus

Managers shift their focus from routine to intellectual work: to reduce overstocks, lost sales and increase turnover

✓ "Turnkey" project

The project is finished when the target assortment is set up 100%. It is crucial for us to get things done and we assure it in all our projects.

✓ Software as a service

There is no need to pay for servers, equipment and people to support it. We have covered it.

✓ Advanced Analytics

You can see all sides of the retail business in details.

Main Effects & Results

    1. Increased sales by 10-20%

The main purpose of the system is to prevent lost sales at the optimal level of reserves. As a result, sales increase without additional efforts. 

    2. Improved turnover by 50%

This is due to the reduction of excess inventory, which is the goal of all system algorithms. 

    3. More efficacious use of human resources by 80%

Thanks to the automation of routine business processes, managers' attention shifts from inventory management to the implementation of strategic business development tasks instead.

Main effects
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