Experiencing Singapore, a five-star destination: insights and learnings from eTail Asia 2019

Elena Schepanyk, CEO of ABM Inventory, shares her insights and learnings from the one of the main e-commerce and retail events in Asia, and reviews innovation landscape by its compliance to the ambitious international digital transformation agenda.

May 22, 2019

One of the most reputable world-class retail and e-commerce conferences - eTail Asia 2019 - took place in Singapore. The event saw hundreds of reputable participants representing the world’s leading e-commerce and retail businesses: Alibaba Group, China & BD StrawberryNET Cosmetics, Under Armour, APAC, Moleskine, CANALI,, GO-JEK, Crocs, Clozette, Levi Strauss & Co, L’Oréal, BigPay, Baskin-Robbins and others.Brands, trusted by millions of customers all over the world, eagerly shared their most latest insights and their knowledge.

Elena Schepanyk, CEO of ABM Inventory, shares her impressions.

eTail Asia is a superfast bustling hive! People are moving from stage to stage at a great speed, and they never stop talking. People make connections as quickly as possible, making one connection, and then the next and the next. Every minute counts!

ABM Inventory at eTail 2019

The majority of eTail Asia attendees represented a fast-growing and very ambitious Asian online business. Notably, Google’s “The next billion users” plan which expects an increase of Google users by one billion is focused primarily on the Asian audience. By the way, this project was very actively discussed during the event - for example, some experts are pretty sure that all latest products will be tooled for Android or Apple smartphones, because Asian users are not attached to tablets or laptops.

ABM Inventory at eTail 2019

Offline retail is also a powerful segment in Asia. The latest trends that are booming in Asia are the e-commerce boost and omni-channel sales presence. I had a very interesting chat with an entrepreneur who creates online visualizations for clothing retail stores. This guy creates a story, an “introduction” a product makes to its potential customer. The client can see the tiniest details of this garment and visualize an online image of himself wearing this item. This visualization can work for any customer, in any country of the world.

ABM Inventory at eTail 2019

Ukraine’s retail and e-commerce was represented by BI (Budynok Igrashok) toy stores network. the success of this company has became a revolution on the post-Soviet toy market. BI were the first who got to the point of the needs of their target audience, they created emotion for their clients. In his conference speech, Vadym Khomenko, a member of BI’s Board of Directors, shared some insights into company’s rapid growth. Innovative and well-targeted stores concept and effective automated business processes are the milestones of BI success. By the way, BI is actively utilizing ABM Cloud’s SaaS product - ABM Inventory for efficient stock management and control.

ABM Inventory at eTail 2019

I am sure BI can conquer and win Asian market, there are high chances for expansion. The only challenge is mentality. Surprisingly, being global trendsetters, Asian Tigers have not yet switched to some technologies we have been already using for years. For instance, they are revolutionizing the way front end and sales technologies work, as they work with a demanding audience, and at the same time they use very outdated inventory management techniques, they lag 10 years behind us. I am sure that expansion to the Asian market can be very successful, all we have to do is to study local mentality, market structure and ecosystem. This will be an exciting journey!


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