pros and cons of automated inventory management

What are the pros and cons of automated inventory management?

Elizabeth Brain, Marketing Manager ABM Inventory

Any stock, commodity or production requires attention and management. Automation of inventory management is a growing trend.  The company benefits greatly from this strategy.  What are they?  Increased efficiency, accuracy and scalability.  Specialized systems help to achieve these effects. These programs perform automated planning and offer real-time, automated control of inventory processes.


Do you think about the future?

Despite these benefits, many companies still doubt whether to accept the fact that inventory automation is important. The reasons for this are implementation time, cost or lack of prioritization of tasks and development strategies. But automation today is a success tomorrow.



Time-consuming. Many companies are against it because of the time-consuming implementation. Not always true though. If in doubt, it is worth contacting external suppliers who have done this work repeatedly. This will not only save time but will also provide access to professionals and quality support.


Cost. Many companies consider the automation process to be expensive. Then, it is necessary to monitor and find a solution that meets your needs. When the price may seem too high from the very begining, the total cost may change significantly once the benefits are determined.


Other priorities. Many companies think: "If the current system is doing what needs to be done, why should the company change something? An automated inventory management system makes an enterprise more flexible and adaptive to changes. If you're looking for growth, you can be sure that your existing technology will be able to handle such a scale. Automation is not only a way of coping with current problems but also a way to prepare for the future.


Reasons FOR


Efficiency. Specialized software products can significantly increase the efficiency of the company. Avoiding human mistakes, using the necessary functionality of the program as a result - redistribution of attention of managers and management from routine tasks to more important strategic ones.


Accuracy. Automation increases accuracy since it reduces human error and ‘guesswork’. You can receive data in real-time. Automation means you can be sure that your information is always up to date.


Scalability. As your company grows, the complexity of your inventory management system will also increase. Having a scalable system will help ensure a smooth transition.


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«Automation of inventory management is a growing trend»

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