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Hard to keep up with: ABM Inventory introduces multi language and new rating

In Match, 2019 we announced our partnership with an expert in introducing high-tech solutions Novatech (Latin America). In addition, ABM Inventory has been ranked among the TOP-10 inventory management systems.


Last year's statistics confirmed the need for multilingualism, since we received requests from 76 countries, and we do our best to make our solutions user-friendly! From now on, ABM Inventory management system speaks not only Russian, Ukrainian, English, but also Spanish, Georgian, Italian, German and French!


And here is one more achievement - ABM Inventory once again topped the rating of inventory management systems. A comprehensive analysis of 10 software products was conducted by the following criteria: methodology, number of implemented projects, project geography, recent implementations, need for additional equipment, cost of implementation, monthly payments, time to implement, training, service support. Learn more about our solution, ask questions about the system ABM Inventory and get expert answers!


top10 inventory management software

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To stop is to lose! So today we will share with you great news about the achievements of the flagship product ABM Inventory.

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