Work with Suppliers

The system allows automating the order process from their formation and optimization to the delivery of the complete order to the supplier.

The system automatically generates orders on a daily basis according to the set delivery schedule. Order charts are entered into the system for both external suppliers and the central warehouse, allowing to cover the entire supply chain of the network.

When forming orders, the system takes into account not only the current network demand for the product but client's preliminary orders.

If, before delivery to the supplier, the order needs to be optimized or divided in accordance with the weight of the transport, these settings are entered into the system for their automation.

The system functionality also includes the formation of cross-docking orders when it is necessary to send the order from the central warehouse to the external supplier after analysing the total demand of the stores. The cross-docking system serves to replenish the company's stores from external suppliers through the CW without maintaining the residues on the latter.

Additionally, there is a possibility to send the complete order to the supplier via e-mail directly from the inventory management system. The company is provided with form settings for the order sent to the supplier.

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