Sales Promotions

When it is known that there will be a sudden change in the level of product consumption (in connection with sales promotions and seasonal demand fluctuations), this information should be provided to the system to prepare for spikes in demand and prevent lost sales/surplus. For the introduction of sales promotions/seasonal deals, the system contains a convenient mechanism - Periods.

The functionality allows you to schedule and automatically change the buffer (target) value for the SKU that participate in sales promotion.

The system provides the introduction of buffer increase parameters based on the coefficient of average sales, correlation of the coefficient to the buffer, and the buffer value for a certain period.

The system stores the history of sales promotions on products that allows taking into account/to ignore promotional sales while planning the future ones.

Separate values can be added for the period of the sales promotion/seasonal deal.

At the end of the sales promotion/seasonal deal, the system setup allows you to move smoothly out of the sales promotion without the surplus of products or to remove seasonal products from the range.

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