Product Range

The system allows you to concentrate on products that require the manager's involvement in their management.

Each month, the system reviews the products by defining the TOP ones that generate 80% or more of the company's turnover and defines the NON ones that generate less than 2% of the company's turnover. According to recalculation results, the system retains the corresponding mark for the SKU.

The information obtained allows you to quickly and periodically revise the network range of active products (TOP), make a decision on the withdrawal of low-turnover SKU on separate storage sites, and conduct an analysis of popular products. The manager can analyze these products directly in the system, as well as monitor their residues in storage areas.

Using charts on the desktop, the manager can detect the lack of TOP positions and take measures in advance to prevent lost sales on them.


If a decision is made to withdraw the NON products, there is a convenient mechanism for removing products from the range. Once the procedure of elimination from the range is activated, the system ceases to order the product from the external supplier and gradually distributes the product over the network to its complete sale. Additional reports, generated by the system at a certain frequency, are provided for the analysis and control of inventories for products removed from the range.

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