Control and Analytics


The system monitors the inventory status of the network.

The desktop (dashboard) contains main indicators of inventory management that provide accurate and rapid information on the work of both the individual manager responsible for the product group and the company as a whole.


Charts on the dashboard are placed in a certain order so that the manager can focus on certain indicators and immediately see the current company's situation.


Daily, using the dashboard, it is possible to monitor the indicators of inventory management efficiency:

  • surplus (%) - the indicator assesses what percentage is the excess stock from all stocks of the company (or products of the individual manager);
  • lost sales (%) - the indicator shows what percentage is the lost sales from the total turnover of the company (or products of the individual manager);
  • turnover (in days).

Directly in the system, the manager can make a quick analysis of changes in the level of inventory, surplus and lost sales of major stock groups:

  • high-turnover products;
  • products recently introduced in the range;
  • products in stock or seasonal deals.

The powerful analytics unit allows you to analyze lost sales, surplus, their causes, as well as the state of affairs in the context of trade points, product lines, regions, etc. 

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