7 Skills of Highly Effective Inventory Management


For more than 8 years, Helen Shepard has been working on stock optimization. More than 100 projects have been implemented under her leadership and direct participation. Inspired by Stephen Covey's book on 7 skills of Highly Efficient People, Helen has developed her own 7 skills of Effective Inventory Management.
Even though these rules are simple to implement, they are quite effective. Clear algorithms and rules prevent critical errors and help answer the following questions:

  1. Why should inventory management be performed via SKU - location?
  2. How does the sales network work depending on the supplier?
  3. How to improve turnover by 14% in 3 weeks without logistics costs?
  4. How to work with a new product?
  5. You can only manage what you control. You can only control what you can count. What is the importance of calculating lost sales?
  6. Delivery of promotional goods. How to predict?
  7. Minimizing human errors and shifting the focus of managers to strategic tasks are the main benefits of automation.


Learn the skills to find all the answers and learn how to manage your network's inventory even more effectively.