Inventory Management

ABM Inventory the cloud-based system for managing inventory, orders, and product range is based on the theory of constraints. It helps to increase profits by improving sales revenue and reducing costs.


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System Benefits

System Benefits

  • The unique methodology of inventory management based on the theory of constraints which allows avoiding lost sales by maintaining the optimal stock that does not generate any surplus.
  • The profitable model SaaS (Software as a Service). Payment is made in the form of monthly rental payments for the system use and does not require additional costs on servers to store the data and updates (updates are free for all service clients).
  • The short period of implementation. The implementation takes place with the help of the proven technology and is divided into sequential stages according to the approved plan with a fixed time frame. 
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Main Functions

  • Automating the order process (autoorder).
  • Management of orders and deliveries.
  • Management of the product range.
  • Management of sales promotions and seasonal deals.
  • Analysis and assessment of the reliability of supplies and suppliers.
  • Analysis (inventory, sales, surplus, etc.), monitoring and reporting for TOP management. 
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Main Functions
Results for your company

Results for your company

  • High level of product availability in the right quantity at the right place and time.
  • Reduced lost sales by 40-60% due to permanent product availability.
  • Reduced inventory surplus by 35-60%, reduced cost of discounts and sales.
  • Increased level of order fulfilment by suppliers.
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NOVUS - network of supermarkets NOVUS - network of supermarkets

Thanks to the active participation of the ABM Cloud team in the process of implementing the program, the project was successful. Five key objectives of the project were identified: improving turnover, reducing over-stock and out-of-stock, minimizing the impact of the human factor, reducing inventory, maintaining current sales and customer satisfaction.

Budynok Ihrashok - retail network Budynok Ihrashok - retail network

Thanks to the introduction of ABM Inventory into the trading network Budinok igrasok, we reduced the number of documents by 40 times, reduced re-grades, formed transparent relationships when accepting goods in cases of non-compliance, centralized and divided the goods in the range, reduced the number of errors due to centralized sizing, reception of goods in the store.

Barvinok - distribution, retail Barvinok - distribution, retail

"One of the achievements of the project was a significant reduction in cash in the supply chain. The number of employees involved in the process of the order, decreased by 7 times. Now orders process 2 people. The solution has become a huge help for the stores. Now you do not need to think about what to order, when and how much. This process is automated. "

Assorti - network of supermarkets Assorti - network of supermarkets

"We got a full-fledged inventory management system. As a result of its use as a whole, the transparency of procurement processes has increased in the network, the main indicators have improved: stock turnover has accelerated, and surpluses have decreased. We would like to thank the implementation team for the promptness of the solution of the tasks, for a flexible approach to our wishes during the project, for qualified consultations. "

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