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ABM Inventory is a cloud-based system, that helps retailers to organize all business processes regarding inventory management, make it transparent and effective. As a result, it boosts sales. 

Having 10-year expertise in online inventory management, we collected the best retail practices to bring your company to the top.

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Immobilized capital in overstocks, lost sales as a result of unavailability, and a huge amount of manual and routine work are the main pains of the retailers. ABM Inventory helps to solve these problems, making inventory management transparent and efficient.


Increased sales

The primary purpose of the system is to prevent lost sales at the optimal level of reserves. As a result, sales increase without additional efforts.


Reduced labour costs

Thanks to the automated routine business processes, managers' attention shifts from inventory management to the implementation of strategic business development tasks.


Improved turnover

Due to the reduction of excess inventory, improved turnover is what you get. It is the goal of all system algorithms.

New level of business processes with our inventory tracking software

Our team will assist you in reorganizing the current business processes in the company when launching and implementing the program.

You may also rely on us in conducting training and further assistance in maintaining a new level of quality work. This optimization will free some time that can be used by your employees more efficiently.


Calculation of the Stock Balance

The system automatically calculates the day when the order must be placed so it can be delivered before the promotion or high season starts. It quickly responses to changes in demand during the campaign and maintains inventory levels that correspond to current sales without causing lost sales.
Automated orders

Automated orders

The system creates the order for purchases to the warehouse/shops and movements within its supply chain automatically according to the schedule agreed with the suppliers. It monitors the balance, makes decisions, manages inventory, and processes all orders by itself without involving people in this process.

Monitoring of  delayed orders

Monitoring of delayed orders

It's crucial for every business to understand when the product will be delivered and appear on the shelf; and if it's not delivered on time, to analyze the situation and try to influence it. Moreover, monitoring the delayed orders always helps to get a clear picture of cooperation with a certain supplier.

Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions

Our inventory management system automatically calculates the day when the order must be placed so it can be delivered before the promotion or high season starts. It quickly responses to changes in demand during the campaign and keeps inventory levels to correspond to the current sales without leading to lost sales.

Product Assortment Control

Product Assortment Control

Withdrawal of SKUs from the assortment and work with analogs. The ongoing process of stock management improvement is key to the success of the stores. ABM Inventory allows to reveal and easily compare fast-moving SKU with slow-moving ones, as well as determine immovable SKU. Convenient mechanism of products withdrawal helps to release money and reinvest them where needed.

Stock analytics

Analytics that bring results

Profound and at the same time intuitive it helps to see a clearer picture: from general reports with chain indicators for top management to the detailed analytics about SKUs and suppliers. Such reports are more than important for those involved in the procurement process. The detailed report can be built for any criterion that is important for the retailer.

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